Detailed Guide For Steroid Homebrewing

In this manual I can be making Testosterone Enanthate. I made 10 bottles each dosed at 250mg/ml. Alright permits get commenced the snap shots will do alot of the speakme.


Range (Obtain one this is sensitive enough to the gram).
Vaccum pump( Brake Bleeder).
250ml Nalgene/Millipore Filter.
25grams of Testosterone Enanthate powder.
18ml of Benzyl Benzoate (BB) (USP).
2ml of Benzyl Alcohol (Bachelor’s Degree) (USP).
Sixty one.25 ml of Grapeseed oil.
3ml syringe with 18-21 scale needle.
20ml syringe with 18-21 gauge needle.
Small paper.
500ml beaker.
100ml beaker.
10 10ml vials.
10 rubber stoppers.
10 turn caps.

This is way extra than 25grams however i will display the way to measure out. Appears straightforward however its kinda difficult.

All right permits begin, first you recollect out your powder. Now you need to do this surely carefully. Get your small piece of paper in addition to location it on the scale then press tare to set up it to no so it does now not compare the paper. After that slowly upload your powder. Now proper here is the difficult issue the powder considers so little that the scale needs to be reset every time you upload a few. All you need to do is add some then maintain the dimensions with your finger and also allow the wide variety loss backpedal. As soon as to procure 25 grams your brilliant to head.

Then unload it right into your beaker.
Include 2ml of Benzyl Alcohol (BA) (USP).
After that upload 18ml of Benzyl Benzoate BB) (USP).

Following step is type of non-compulsory yet its makes things much less complex. Get a pot with a bout an inch of water in it and additionally put it at the oven in addition to set up the eye to 3.

Place the beaker in it.
See the powder dissolve and also the mixture get quite near to clean.

Following consist of you grapseed oil and also permit it all warmth up awhile to make filtering a bit plenty quicker. This is a % proper after I delivered the oil. In put it again on the eye for a minute and additionally mixed it.

After that attain your filter which incorporates a cap for the lowest series element.

Next pour the oil in and fasten the vacuum pump and set up it in among three hundred-four hundred. THIS IS THE SECURITY ZONE. DONT PUSH YOUR LUCK ALL-TIME LOW PLASTIC CONTAINER WILL CERTAINLY SPLIT